About me

My name is Natalie Itinov and I am fascinated by paper.    
As a student from the University of the Arts, London I rediscovered paper as a delicate but resistant material that had a lot of creative potential and it has become my main tool for creation and inspiration ever since.  
 My final year paper sculpture was chosen as one of the best 12 pieces across all UAL colleges by the Creative Blog. 
As an artist I have grown to believe that paper is a one of a kind material with the potential to be turned into anything. Extremely delicate, and at the same time unbelievably resistant.
 This idea is the driving force of my creative practice, in which I combine paper art with illustration, sculpture, metalwork, jewellery design and I am not afraid to experiment with materials.  
For me doing what I do is a passion, a necessity, a therapy and a dream.  
Not limited to any type of project, I take on a variety of ideas and welcome individual requests for bespoke, hand-crafted artwork.